Day 167: Day out with Jo, Loving Hut with the girls! #346daysofgratitude


Met up with Jo today in the afternoon! Our plan was to have lunch at Paya Lebar Square then visit the cool af artscience museum to take photos but the second plan was cancelled because I was carrying a whole bag of stuffs that I had to pass to some of my friends during dinner :( Was pretty sad because we couldn't make it in time too but ah there will always be a next time! We said to go there again at the end of the year or next year when we're both back in Singapore again :) Sooo glad that we ALWAYS make time to meet and go out despite the fact that we're almost always not in the same place.....since she lives in Melbourne and I'm in Tasmania. Nothing have changed ever since she left for Aussie after I went to JC last year, except that we've grown closer eheheh. It's just another friendship I have that I hold dear to. In fact there are so many other friendships I have with other amazing friends that will always be irreplaceable. :)

Anyway, we had lunch and I had my favourite vegan food from XMV again! And then we took the train to Bugis and shopped a bit before getting our ears pierced. I had my second ear hole pierced on my left ear (impromptu because it wasn't planned) but it was all good. Afterwards we took a bus back together and hugged when we departed. It's going to be another half a year till we meet again :(

Had dinner with the girls at Loving Hut again today! Mr pang (my ex-manager) and Sister Candy (ex-colleague) were working full shift today so I managed to see them again while I was there :) Sister Candy was so nice to ask how I was doing and she was all smiles when she saw that I was back, and Mr Pang also gave me a bar of vegan chocolates to share with my friends before I left the place. Kinda miss working here especially with my colleagues though, but I'm sure I'll be back again to visit them soon! 
Had a really good dinner with the girls - we ordered Ngoh Hiang, pesto pasta, char kway teow, mee pok, banana leaf nasi campur and royal satays to share! All of them thoroughly enjoyed their meals and I remember Nicole's food orgasm when she first tried the food ahaha. It was so heartening to see them enjoy the food as much as I did, and I certainly do recommend coming to Loving hut to eat even if you're a non-vegan because really, their food taste too good to be true! We also shared a slice of mint chocolate cake together for dessert before taking photos heheh. I could also (finally) pass them their goodies I got them from Aussie and it was a huge relief! It was a good time with them. :)

Came home and found everyone in the living room watching the 9pm show so I just joined in with them. Showered, dried my hair, caught up with Youtube videos and ended the night after reading the lovely letter Nicole wrote for me :) Steph also got me some goodies from Greece! Probably have said this for the thousandth time but I'm so glad I got to meet them through social media. :)

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