Day 171: Busy day, back to TPJ, lovely night with the kc girls #346daysofgratitude



Decided to go back to TPJ for a visit today since it would be the last time I could go before all the j2s graduate at the end of this year! I met akina first and we went to get our brows threaded before we went back to school. TPJ still feels a lot like home to me, albeit a little unfamiliar now since I don't know all the j1s, but that's okay. Somehow it feels like a distant memory even though only one year has passed. Anyway I got to see Ms Quek again today and we hugged each other and talked for a bit before she rushed off for invigilation! Also managed to see my ex-classmates today and it was good. Didn't stay for long because I was rushing off for my dental appointment. 

It was my third dental appointment in three weeks, and man that's a lot. I had to go back even though I was so unwilling to (because it's inconvenient and I can only accommodate to my dentist's schedule since he's so busy) but it was necessary since I'd be leaving in two days. So right after I left TPJ I took a bus down to marine parade and got there one hour later, got my braces fixed, then took another one hour bus ride home from the other side. And so as soon as I got off from the bus I had to walk home, and after I got home I showered, got changed, ate dinner, and left the house again at 8!


It was Rachel's birthday today and she invited some of us kc girls over to Grand Mercure for her party! I reached an hour late but it was all good. All of us had h2h talks and we did a "honest circle" thing that left us pretty..........overwhelmed LOL. But we all agreed that it made us all feel so much closer to one another, and ya know what, I think it's just a kc girl thing. But really, I've made the best friendships in kc and I would never trade anything for them. So so thankful that I have them in my life :')

Jo brought alcohol over and that explains why our faces (Qian's and mine) were so red ahahaha. I haven't had alcohol in more than a year but that really reminded me of those times I used to drink with Jiaying at my old condo. 

Afterwards I cabbed home with Van, Jo and Qian and got home past 12! Best night I've had with the girls in awhile :) 

Twas good day :) Thankful.

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