Day 185: Freedom is a lonely road #346daysofgratitude


freedom is a lonely road

Still not feeling those "blogging feels" yet because I've been feeling so tired for as long as I could remember but I just thought I'd update this page a little and catch up on my #346daysofgratitude (which is pretty fail) ahaha. Anyway I haven't really done much after coming back to Hobart apart from catching up/resuming what I stopped before when back home last month. But here are some things that happened:

  • Spent the first full day out with Kon and we went to The Soup Stop for lunch! We had some Indian food and it's pretty rare for me (or us) to eat out so I do appreciate times like this. Also finally tried Noah's juice and he chose for me the Apple+Guava+Blackcurrant+Blueberry+Strawberry juice smoothie and it was SOUR AF. I mean I kind of expected it, but meh I just don't fancy fruit juices ahahaha.
  • Had a self-declared week off on the first week of semester 2 because I was still trying to readjust (body clock and settling down, ya know) and pretty much slept through most mornings. Unhealthy I know but it was much needed. Well but at least I made it for my psych class the next day after I came back and also managed to get my new books for this semester. Oh and also, attended two more classes on Wednesday.
  • Everything went pretty well on the first week until some things happened and things went downhill.....but things are more or less resolved (hopefully) so I'm keeping my head up. Things will get better right? (Yes it will.) That said I've been feeling so upset and drained but looking at the bright side of life, I know that this will pass.

  • Explored Fitzroy Gardens on my own last Sunday since I felt like I needed a breather so I did. Took my dslr along with me too and I managed to have some me time to myself! Didn't manage to clear my mind or de-stress like I wanted to but well, at least I went out to have some fresh air heheh. One golden retriever dog even ran up to me when I was sitting at the bench and it came up to me for a small pat before running off with it's friend. That one small gesture really brightened up my day, though. It's always the little things that matter the most.
  • So far, this semester hasn't been easy. It's only the second week but I still don't feel quite ready for my work to pile up yet. It's stressful knowing that it isn't going to be easy but whatever it is, I know I'm going to work hard for it. 
  • Still at a loss when I think about which degree I should enroll in next year :( Honestly speaking I'm still at a point in life where I feel like I'm too young and inexperienced to decide what I want to do for the rest of my life. I feel daunted knowing that I can't afford to regret what I choose this time round. People say "just do whatever you want to do" and "pursue your dreams" but it definitely isn't easy especially when you have to give up on your one-and-only passion and choose to do something else. Medicine has been something that I've always wanted to do ever since I was 14 and I've never been so interested/passionate about a career more than this in my life, and I know it's something I really want to do's pointless when you don't have enough capital to study what you want ahaha. Pursue your dreams they say, but what if you can't?
P.S It really annoys me when someone tells me to just study a degree you can use in order to get a well-paying job OR at least, a stable job in society. It doesn't matter what kind of job you do as long as you're able to feed yourself and cope on your own. Really? What kind of fucked up logic is that...
I'd rather not work if it means doing something I don't enjoy doing. 

  • Survived Chem lab yesterday! Yes I always feel so accomplished when I do lab work because I really don't enjoy lab work a single bit ahaha. Lab sessions are always my most dreaded ones ever. But luckily I managed to do last week's experiment that I missed yesterday and it was a relief.
  • Went to the library yesterday after lab and caught up with Wen after almost two months of not seeing him! Went home after an hour because I was starving and it was freezing ahaha. Nonetheless it was a great catchup. Was pretty much dead after my longass day yesterday and crashed right after I got on the bed.
  • Just so glad it's the weekend already! This has been such a boring update ahaha. Would probably spend the weekend just staying at home watching dramas, youtube videos, edit my vlogs (whoooohoo much excites) and do something productive maybe. 

Now peace out!

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