Day 165 & 166: A pretty amazing family weekend #346daysofgratitude


Day 165: Blood test, Family BBQ, Catching up!

Did my blood test at a nearby clinic not long after I woke up today and then got some food before returning home! Had a family BBQ tonight too since Grandma and Six grand-aunt are both July babies so mum joined forces with the other aunts to organise a BBQ together. So many other relatives were invited too and it was great seeing them again even though I didn't interact much (since I had a guest over!). Was supposed to meet Haiqal after the BBQ ended but mum invited him over so he came over at 7! We three (Haiqal, my brother and I) talked throughout the BBQ and then it was just both of us for awhile after my brother went back. Haven't seen him in almost two years and it was a great catchup! So thankful for having great guy friends in my life :)

Day 166: Typical stay home day, but it was lovely.

A typical Sunday spent with the best company: my FAMILY! Didn't do much except waking up late, sleeping in, eating and playing mahjong with the elders. Also went down to the pool to tan for a bit in the late afternoon but the sun disappeared as soon as I went down, ahh disappointing. Was actually thinking of taking a nap but ended up didn't! Chilled for a bit before dinner and playing another last round of mahjong again before they left home. Afterwards I went to the park with my mum at 10 and we took a stroll (we always do, ahaha good ol' times) and talked throughout. While we were strolling it just occurred to us that, in exactly a week's time at this time, I would already be leaving home for the airport.

Not sure if it's just me or that coming home halfway this year just makes it harder for me to go back. :(

Just another typical stay home day/Sunday but I'm just so so so thankful to be with my family! Seeing them on facetime and being with them here in real life feels a lot different. So thankful to be able to call this place home. Not the place, but in their company. :)

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