Day 169: Results, family dinner #346daysofgratitude



Seriously had the best time today with my family over dinner and I finally got my DTF cravings fixed! Didn't do much all day except sleeping in, and then my uncle and auntie came over in the afternoon to visit me and so we talked for about an hour or so before we left home for dinner. It has been a long time since we went out all together to shop and eat together so it was definitely great! 

I seriously love DTF's dumplings, they are soooo fresh and good. Was so filled and satisfied after dinner because I ate so much dumplings and food! Totally overate but no regrets AT ALL. :) P.S thanks mom for satisfying my DTF cravings!! hehehe.

A picture with Lia since she would most probably leave before I get back at the end of this year :( Gonna miss her and her cooking so much!

After dinner we shopped for a bit before going home. Thankful for having the time for a good dinner with the fam! It's probably gonna be the last time I'm actually gonna have a full day out with them until half a year later. On the side note, my exam results were released yesterday and they are fine, so I'm thankful! :)

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