Day 190: Dinner night out with friends #346daysofgratitude


WHAT a day. What a long day. 

Had a lecture first thing in the morning at 9 and to my own surprise, I woke up at 8 without snoozing ten alarms like I usually do, and I was unusually energised for no reason hahaha. Or maybe it was because it was a sunny morning. So I got up, took out my bedsheets right after, dumped them in the laundry, washed up, had breakfast and arrived early FOR THE FIRST TIME. I was planning to come home during my half an hour break in between lectures just to dry my wet laundry, but thankfully.....Juanny was at home so she offered to do it instead. Gah, I just love her as a housemate because we'd always share our stuffs (yes including love life and our life stories ahaha). 

So after I was done with my second lecture I went home during my 3hours break and snoozed for a bit! Wanted to do something more productive (aka completing some of my work) but I was really too tired to move, so I decided to just take a power nap. It worked though, and so after I got up I got ready for my next two tutorials, had rice with bok choy and tofu for lunch, collected the laundry, then went for ICT class with Juanny. Then we had an hour of psych afterwards and it was pretty interesting learning about Social psychology! We ended class at 5:30 and 5 of us (Fathin, John, J-ann, Juanny and I) went for dinner! All of us couldn't decide on what and where to eat so we settled for the nearest Indian restaurant we saw at Chillies. But John didn't like the food on the menu so we shamelessly left after sitting down for 10 minutes....and went to Momo's instead.

It was my second time there so I decided to try something apart from rice, so I was deciding between noodles and burgers but it was cold so obviously I chose the former. I almost forgot to mention that it was just so flippin' cold the whole day, and it got worse at night. The raindrops were literally pelting on our faces and John couldn't stop complaining every minute ahaha. "The next time we go out, can someone please check the weather forecast first please!" "So bloody cold lah what is this" HAHA. By the time we settled down in somewhere warm we all looked like a mess ahah. 

3 of them ordered the Kung pao chicken rice I tried the last time while Juanny ordered the bbq 'pork' one while I had the dumpling laksa. I LOVED the laksa, it was so flavourful. I also had earl grey milk tea using Bonsoy's soy milk and it totally reminded me of the days I used to drink Gong cha's ones before going vegan! Man I have missed it. Anyway I was really full after all that laksa and milk, but I managed to get some red bean buns for takeaway heheh. 

All of them enjoyed the food hehe. After dinner we went separate ways and Juanny and I went home together! We passed by Woolies so I stopped by to get hummus and strawberries. Coincidentally we bumped into one of the girls from FSP too and so we decided to take a cab home together heheh. Glad that we bumped into her because really, walking home would have taken so much time and energy haha. 

Came home, spent some quality time, showered, made my bed, facetimed my mum, did some work and went to sleep at 2:30am. 

A long day indeed! But a day worth being thankful for. :)

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