Day 208: Joining Sunday Pancakes Party! #346daysofgratitude


Woke up feeling FAMISHED this morning so I spent a good one hour on the bed, half thinking of what I should make for breakfast and half deciding if I should sleep in (since it's the last day of the weekends, sigh) or get up. I was craving for a cold smoothie since it has been quite awhile since I made some but I knew it wasn't going to be filling, then I thought of making pancakes but was too lazy to, YUP #indecisive as usual I know. (Also, I came to a sudden realisation that I've been sooo unhealthy ever since I came to Aussie hahaha. I usually have smoothies or oatmeals for breakfast back home but ever since I came here I've been eating cereal 99% of the time because firstly it's tasty af and secondly it's too easy to prepare ahaha. That said I've never been so SEDENTARY all my life it's pretty worrying. But being someone who doesn't like to start something if she knows she isn't going to commit to it....I know it's just probably not the time now. Let's hope this isn't procrastination, LOL.)
SO just when I was getting lazy to get out of bed, Juanny (my housemate) texted me to ask if I wanted some pancakes because she wanted to clear the bananas she had and so I said YES, I'm starving! So we looked up for recipes and stumbled upon one really simple recipe so we made do with it. She started making the pancakes while I made some berries nice cream for the topping! We used lots of butter (vegan*) for the pancakes because the pan was just being so...stuck up (PUN INTENDED). Jokes, anyway we had a pretty fun time making them.

I was totally not planning to try to decorate it just to take nice photos but I figured why not right? Regrets: Not vlogging it! It could have been a what-i-eat-in-a-day video hahaha, been so long since I last posted one.

(Excuse the messy bed hair lol) Afterwards we just talked for a bit, chilled in the room and then I did my laundry after hers. The sun was out the whole morning and afternoon today and nothing could be better. Really stoked for spring and summer to come and I can't wait for winter to end! I'm just a summer person and I love the sun way too much ahaha. Can't wait for the day that I can actually wear dresses/tank tops/shorts out again instead of wrapping myself up like a burrito. Nevertheless, still gonna enjoy the last bit of winter before it ends this year! Thankful. 

And after washing up and resting a bit, it was time to hang out my clothes and make lunch! Made fried udon noodles and baked some spring rolls along with it. Managed to catch up with Fathin for a bit too so all's good! Kinda feel like I wasted today since it was such a perfect beach day but sokay, there will always be another time. 

Now TIME for life update: 

- Glad that I managed to survive this week (thought I couldn't) and had a relatively chill weekend (did nothing lol) but well, at least it's conquered. 
- Still unsure of what to feel about some things that are going on lately but I don't really wanna talk about it here until it's time to. But I've to keep reminding and telling myself this: If it's making you unhappy, let go.
- Managed to do at least one thing I've set out to do this week: upload my vlog! Postponed it for way too long and I've missed making videos. Here's the link if you wanna: -- Would love to make more content if I had the time but NA :(
- Been reading articles and trying to read as much as I can during my free time now. It's not as hard as it was before, maybe because I can relate to a lot of things on an emotional level ahaha.
- Received a question on askfm few days back and here goes: "What is something you need/want to improve on?" and I thought to myself, there are so many things I would like to improve on actually. I just LOVE getting questions like these. So I thought I might blog about it here in one of these posts. 
- Read a TC article on "50 questions to ask a girl if you want to know who she really is" and I thought I might answer some of them in each post I upload here. YUP, the things you do to entertain yourself when you're bored af ahaha. 

Alright that's about it for now! Can't believe my weekends are ending in less than 10 hours. Have a great week ahead you guys x

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