Day 214: Long-awaited friday #346daysofgratitude


Can't believe it's FINALLY FRIDAY.

This week has got to be the busiest one yet, and man there are so many things to do over the weekends (and also over the next few weeks) but I'm trying to keep my head above water. Been sleeping past 2am for almost every night ever since last Sunday night and gosh, I can't remember the last time I felt so tired for so long ahaha. But ANYWAYS, at least it's friday today so it means I can finally get to relax a little.

Day 214 / Had a 3h English class in the morning today and I'm pretty relieved that I'm keeping up with work (or at the very least, not lacking behind as much as I thought). Just gotta continue on my essay at my own time and manage on my own first before having consultations with the teacher during class time. It's going to be another busy week next week (or maybe even busier) since it's the last week before term break SO....really looking forward to that one week holiday.
So after class Fathin went to my place and we made lunch for ourselves before Math class started, and class finally ended at 4:30. So I got home, talked to Juanny for a bit, showered, dried my hair and went to SLEEP! Both of us decided to take a nap before dinner time because we were just so tired ahaha, and in the end I slept till 8:30. She knocked on my door an hour before and I tried waking up but I just couldn't, so I ended up falling back asleep and waking up an hour later. She made some sweet potato fries and they were so good heheh, then we chatted a bit while eating before making our way up to meet the landlord/house owners for a short meeting. Then we came back, had dinner and all 4 of us (housemates) started sitting around the table and started chatting! We do this randomly sometimes ahaha, like one of us would just join in the conversation and suddenly it becomes a group chat. But I'm really happy to have such nice housemates I can actually talk to (like even personal/life stuffs) so it's all great. And both guys are older than me so sometimes they do offer valuable advices and they do come in handy. All 3 of them are really nice housemates (especially Juanny) and I'm just so thankful heheh.

Afterwards Juanny suggested having face masks so we all did it! She passed us bandanas and we took turns to apply the mask. We spent probably around 2 hours just chatting and then Yeong-su decided to tuck in first so we all returned to our rooms not long later.

Let's just hope that this wouldn't be the last photo of us together before we move out ahaha. Juanny and I would be moving to Launceston next year, Yeong-su would be going back to Korea and T's just going to stay put until he finishes his degree. So technically all of us are going to be separated and probably won't be seeing each other again (except me and Juanny) and I've about 3 more months left with them so yep, gonna cherish it! I also like how we are from different countries because there's so much we can learn from each other. I actually really wanna learn Korean from Yeong-Su ahaha.

It's 1:29am on a Saturday morning now and I'm going to end this post in a jiffy! Still feeling pretty awake after that nap so I'm probably going to stay up to finish up some work or take that time to relax before I head to bed again. Goodnight everyone! 

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