Day 227: Backlog - keeping memories #346daysofgratitude


Sharing some of my favourite photos I took from our trip last week, in case you've missed out on them. Blogged about them on dayre so feel free to check that out too if you're interested :--)

` Mount Wellington `

`Port Arthur Lavender`

`Russell falls, Mount Field National Park`

` Sleepy bay, Freycinet National Park`

`Freycinet National Park`

`City Park, Launceston`

Definitely had one of the best times enjoying the view and sceneries with the best company. Can't wait to visit other places (especially Cradle Mountain and Bruny island!) and revisit those beautiful places again. 

The man behind the scene.
 Thank you for making an arduous effort to drive us around and making time whenever you can. And also, for cooking for my mum and treating her so well! Much loves.

Hope you've enjoyed the past 6 days here in Tasmania with us despite the last minute planned itinerary. Our heart to heart conversations before we fall asleep every night will be remembered! Thanks for being a great listener and an advisor. So thankful to be able to call my mum my best friend. Love you <3

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