DAY EIGHT #daysofgratitude


13 MORE DAYS. This morning I got woken up by the alarm, and honestly I'm so happy to say that my body clock has been improving — I'm now sleeping at 1am every night instead of those ungodly hours at 3/4am hahah. This is why I've also been forcing myself to get up from my bed before 11am everyday, slowly but SURELY.

I've been a little obsessed with peanut butter and granola on toasts recently, partly because I need to clear all my ekeziel toasts in the freezer before I fly off. But trust me, the combination's AMAZING. You get the salty and flavourful taste from the peanut butter and the crisp from the granola. SO MUCH YUM. So while I was eating breakfast I also caught up with the latest episode of Cheese in the trap, one of the few dramas I'm currently watching. I really love seeing Seol and Baek In Ho together because In Ho has such a great personality heheh. I paused the video halfway through because I needed to head out for my spray tanning appointment, and yes I went to SPRAY TAN hehe. It was so AWKWARD exposing so much skin to strangers (those beauticians working there haha) and honestly I was just screaming for help inside hahaha. I'd say, it was quite an experience because it was my first time. I doubt I'd do it again since it wasn't cheap but well, firsts are always worth it! 
After I got home I stuffed myself with sushis and steamed buns, because god I was STARVING. I left the buns in the steamer with high heat and just when I was about to lift the handle up to check if it was cooked, I saw a young cockroach frantically scrambling on the handle. It was probably trying to escape from the unbearable heat but found no safe exits hahah. It occured to me once again that no living beings would want to die if they had a choice not to, and the small action from a young roach reminded me something so valuable — As simple as it is, It only wanted to live. So I took a paper tissue and put it under the handle, and the young roach took my silent orders and followed along. I brought it to the table top and it hastily went off to somewhere. I hope it lives well.

I finished the remaining half of the episode and started a new drama called Madam Antoine, and I think it's going to be pretty good. After I was done watching I headed to Paya Lebar to get some snacks for my grandparents, uncles and aunt before heading down to my Grandma's. On my way there I texted one of my favourite girls (not going to divulge the name) and heard some bad news, which got me pretty torn and helpless at that moment but I really, really do hope that everything would be alright for her. It just pains me so much to see others in pain, especially people I love. Everything's going to be okay. Now I just got back home, and I am going to finish an episode of the new drama and head to bed.

Oh and, here's how I look with my new tan! The first thing everyone asked me after seeing me today was, "WHY ARE YOU SO BLACK!" Hahahaha I just love being tanned. Tomorrow's going to be a whole day of resting, hopefully more tanning, and a day of writing letters and packing. Goodnight beautifuls.

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