Day TEN #346daysofgratitude


WHAT A DAY. Last night I only managed to fall asleep at one in the morning because I was too engrossed listening to some classical music before I slept, and yes instead of lulling me to sleep, classical music seem to always perk me up instead hahah (unusual, I know). I may not seem like the type who would enjoy classical, but honestly I REALLY love them a whole frickin' lot. My all-time favourite instrument is none other than the piano, I just love the piano SO MUCH. But sadly I never really had the chance to learn it properly for a long time and I have been stuck at grade two since, well I think I'm just not fated with it hahah. But it's definitely something I want to keep learning and learning and learning again, even if I may not be musically inclined or talented. I fell in love with the cello last year and it became my second favourite instrument, so I really want to learn that too. There's just so many much more I want to learn, but ultimately I just want to never stop LEARNING.

I woke up feeling more tired than ever, mostly because my dreams took up 99% of my sleep. But I loved that dream because it was the first time I dreamt of my dad in probably more than half a year already. I missed seeing him in my dreams and over the last few months, I spent most nights questioning myself and wondering why he stopped appearing in my dreams. Sometimes I do think that dreams do exist because they carry a meaning to them, like some sort of a magical existence. I really don't know what they are, but I'm eternally grateful for having dreams, and that's an undeniable fact.

Anyhoo, I had lunch with four other girls at Veggie Cottage today and I really enjoyed the FEAST and the company. We had nasi lemak, spaghetti bolognese, "fish&chips", assam pedak and garden burger. SO MUCH YUMS. We waited so long for all the food to be served so when we finally started eating all of us were STARVING. So we quickly digged in and there were few minutes of silence at the start because we were too busy eating hahah. We talked heaps over lunch and dessert, and man it was my first time meeting most of them but I already feel I've known them for years. I honestly didn't know their names even before we met but I'm just SO happy I got to meet them in person. I think all of them started veganism before me and it's honestly so so so heartening to know that the vegan community in Singapore is growing (so much, in fact). With more vegans around, there will definitely be more opportunities to meet more like-minded people. AH-MAE-ZING. 

There has always been a 'silent' gift-exchange among vegan meetings, and honestly I have ABSOLUTELY no idea why hahah but it's just y'know, the way we love to do things. I personally love sharing and giving whenever I can (food and letters especially) because I truly believe in the art of giving. I actually wanted to make them cards initially but I couldn't, well because I didn't know them personally before so I made them an orange cake instead. Correction, orange CAKE BALLS hahah. I felt so ashamed for sharing those disfigured and gross-looking orange cake (balls) because they honestly looked so unappetising but those girls actually said they tasted good, PHEW. One of the owners of the shop also took one and she said it was nice, and man that really allowed me to heave a sigh of relief hahah. Charissa baked some matcha granola bars and wrapped it so nicely for us, Joylene wrote me a beautiful note, Ling gave me a pack of snacks with a small note inside and Megan bought Charissa and I a box of Carman's muesli bars each. Charissa got the classic flavour while I got the super berry flavour, so we both exchanged half of what we had, because DIVERSITY hahah. Man I really didn't expect those gifts, but I really really appreciate their kind gestures. 

We went to Peace Cafe next for dessert and had some vegan apple strudel. Each of us shared one whole strudel and so we got a tiny piece each hahah. We chilled a bit there and took some photos. The old lady who helped us with the photos was so patient with us, and I really appreciate her kindness. So after dessert, we parted ways after we reached Mustafa Centre. Joylene and Ling left and Charissa, Megan and I continued to do some grocery shopping at Mustafa heh. I got meself a pack of almond cashew milk, some black sesame soy milk, quinoa crisps and a huge SOURSOP. I just couldn't let myself go home without getting any soursops so I lugged them with me the entire day. Dem gotta be one of my favourite fruits, EVER. 

I don't know what got into me after lunch, but I just felt so SLEEPY. I just wanted to collapse and sleep like a corpse, hahah. The food coma is REAL. So after I left Mustafa it was just about time to meet my girls for dinner. We had two hugeass PIZZAS, one arrabiatta PASTA and CHOCOLATE ICE-CREAM parfait. (Oh, and people say veganism is restrictive......yeah you're totally LEFT.) We had the BBQ "chicken" pizza and the Four Seasons pizza which comprised of four different toppings - artichoke & soy ham, taggiasche olives, sundried tomatoes & capsicum and truffle mushroom. Both were so GOOD, and it honestly made me so happy seeing both of my non-vegan friends enjoying their food too. 

Of course, we also had DESSERT. We ordered this ice-cream parfait called Monkey Delight which was supposed to have peanut butter caramel and french chocolate ice cream with banana chips, brownie and chocolate chips, but because they ran out of the peanut butter ice cream we replaced it with the coconut one, and man it was YUUUUUUM. We had the coconut and french chocolate ice cream with brownie, some caramel gooey granola and chocolate chips. Second round of AH-MAE-ZIIIING. It made me even happier after hearing one of my friends say "I love how this is dairy-free but it's so good". Go give Brownice a try if you haven't, they are amazing I promise.

If you guys are wondering who Sophie is (since she has never appeared in any of my social media platforms), she was actually my OGL during my school's orientation last year. OGL = Orientation group leader, btw. So technically I met her exactly a year ago today, and I can't be more thankful for that opportunity. During our conversation today I also realised we were quite similar, especially our personalities hee. It was definitely unexpected but I could really get along so well with her. We three talked a lot, ate a lot and I definitely laughed a lot too as well. I just couldn't stop laughing at her blunders and man, I really really enjoyed today's dinner. 

I took a cab home, dropped Xin Yi off at the mrt nearby, watched the TV and finally got some time to read the small notes the girls gave me earlier on. Those girls are really such sweethearts, even though we have barely gotten to know each other, they have left so many kind words in their cards. I'm just unbelievably thankful for them today, for their cards, for their words, for their gifts and for THEM. Thank you Instagram for creating opportunities like this, and thank you girls for taking your time out to meet me as well. 

Like I said, WHAT A DAY. What an incredible, fun-filled day it was today. I'm filled with nothing but just pure gratitude, and in all honesty I don't think I'd be able to sleep early tonight because I'd probably spend the whole night smiling to myself. I just enjoyed myself so much today, and I can't be more THANKFUL. THANK YOU LIFE.

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