DAY ONE #346daysofgratitude


Strangely enough today I woke up not craving for anything in particular for breakfast, and man that hardly happens. Most of the time I would get up knowing what I would cook for breakfast - sometimes hot or dry food like oats and breads, or cold food like nice cream and smoothies. So today's breakfast was a lil bit of a struggle for me but in the end I settled on two large Australian mangoes because they looked like they were about to rot, some yummy jackfruits and one red bean bread my lovely ex-colleague gave me last week.

 I spent the entire afternoon out at town with my mum because she had an appointment at the hospital, and afterwards we went for some shopping nearby before heading home.

I also cooked my own dinner today, YAY. But that also means....easy peasy fuss-free 5-minutes-kinda-food. But no today it took me 5 minutes more, so that makes it 10. I took a bit longer because I was trying SO hard to slice the corn from its cob, but as you can tell I gave up halfway and just decided to steam the rest this way. I got a lil annoyed since I wasted so much energy on the stupid corn cob (also because I was having a bad-mood kinda day today in general), but a minute later I laughed it off because I mean, why would I want to feel this way just because of a CORN?! Now I'm in cloud nine because I'm HIGH on corns. So dinner's a huge bowl of black rice, sweet organic CORN, chives dumplings, vegetarian pumpkin floss and SRIRACHA. Okay now it doesn't sound like a simple dinner but it's sure wholesome and awesome.

After dinner I watched the TV as usual and now I'm at the balcony blogging (writing this post). I've ditched my nightly-balcony sessions for months now and it certainly feels great to have it back again! For those who didn't know, it was a routine of doing reflections every night before I sleep - so I call it the 10 minutes balcony reflection time, heheh.

So basically today wasn't a perfectly good day, mostly because I was seriously so tired I felt so cranky and irritable the whole time hahah. I was actually trying so hard to not feel annoyed at everything that I kept reminding myself of the good things in life so that I would feel a lil better but NOPE, it didn't work at all. And all of this that happened today just reminded me how important sleep is. When I don't get enough sleep, I'd either be a complete muddlehead or feel irritable and cranky throughout the entire day, and that's something I wouldn't want. So from tonight onwards I am going to make sure I have enough sleep and make sure that I'm totally awake before I really drag myself up (I had to mentally wake myself up so many times in the morning today lol). And today just taught me, or again reminded me that happiness is not a constant and life is never 100% perfect. There's no way you can be 100% happy and contented every single day, and even though sometimes you can just choose to laugh it off, sometimes it's just not as simple and you can just feel crappy and nothing else. But that's OKAY, I mean it's just what LIFE is, and I'm loving every bit of it. 

Afterall, I got annoyed only at a corn. Like WHAT EVEN, that sounds ridiculous hahah. So it's 12AM now and I'm signing off and heading to bed. I shall have a good sleep tonight. 

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