DAY THREE #346daysofgratitude


I must say, this week has been pretty much humdrum - I am spending most days at home resting instead of going out everyday like I used to. Even though it can get boring most of the time, I'm still especially thankful for a period of recharging before life gets busy again next month.
Last night I had a pretty scary and intense dream, I dreamt that Marcus was a serial killer and he killed almost all my friends. I was totally scared out my wits and I tried to stop him countless times but he just didn't listen, and somehow the craziest part was that it didn't appear gory or as heartless as it seemed to me, but I was just so heartbroken to see all my friends collapsed on the floor with so much blood and there was literally nothing I could do to stop him. It was totally INSANE. And it felt so real, that I cried so much in the dream. And I swear that dream totally drained all my energy because by the time I woke up, I felt like a total zombie even though I had almost 10 hours worth of sleep. I think it was just too intense and I was probably 100% engaged with it.  Hahah, I really do wonder how dreams come about. It's just so MAGICAL. Like, how do they even form? Why do they exist? Do they have meanings to it? Are they some sort of life predicament? I remember reading something on the Internet before and they said that the people you see in your dreams are people you've seen before in your life when you're conscious and living, because the human mind cannot form human faces on its own. Man, if there's a subject all about the human mind I totally wouldn't mind taking it.

So after (finally) getting up at 12PM noon, I made breakfast/brunch and then I totally collapsed on my bed again after eating because I was just so exhausted. I could literally feel my eyebags hanging below my eyes and I just wanted to do nothing but SLEEP. But thank god I managed to drag myself up again and so I started making some vegan curry. 

I must say that took me quite awhile to make, it isn't as easy as it may seem especially if you have to FILM it while cooking. I gave up filming halfway because I thought it would be much better to focus on cooking my food instead. I couldn't find my slicer so I had to use a small knife to peel the potato skin and almost gave up again but decided not to. In the end the curry came out pretty decent, and in fact I like it quite a lot. It's so tasty and it doesn't feel heavy in the stomach at all. I cooked a whole big pot for myself so I'm leaving it for tomorrow's dinner as well. I seriously LOVE vegan curries.

After dinner, I went for a quick shopping fix with my mum and I got new clothes. We also bought some Chinese New Year decorations for the upcoming CNY and honestly, I'm quite excited for it! So after coming home, I just watched the TV, showered, chilled, made tea, picked a mask (Tonight's choice is Citrus) and now I'm blogging. What an ordinary and chill day today, but sometimes, ordinary can be beautiful.

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