DAY ELEVEN #346daysofgratitude


10 MORE DAYS. Time sure do pass by in a whizz. I've barely packed anything apart from throwing away irrelevant school notes, so next week I'm going to concentrate on packing and resting instead of rushing my time meeting people. Of course I do want to meet my friends and have some good food, but I don't want to be a zombie right before I go to Aus, hahah. That said, I woke up feeling like a ZOMBIE today. I just felt extremely drained for some reason, and that actually pretty much lasted the whole day.

(This is probably) my SIXTH last toast, and I'm not really complaining because I love breads and they are my second staple. I tried the COCO2 spread Nat gave me the last time we met and man I instantly fell in LOVE with it. It was so sticky, gooey, caramel-like and CHOCOLATEY. It's from my favourite brand Pure Harvest, and it's this coconut cocoa spread, hee. 

My bro and I had a cycling date today, the last one before I leave. We headed out at 12:30pm and took an hour long bus ride to ECP, then we had lunch and finally rented our bikes at 2:30pm. I heated up my 8-minutes lunch and so I had my last serving of curry (It's still amazing I assure you) and shit tons of rice because I needed lots of fuel to cycle. Those carbs really gave me lots of energy though, considering that I already felt so drained in the morning hah.

We realised we were going the wrong way after a few kms so we took a detour and cycled past where we started at the beginning. We thought it was the correct way because we saw a road blockage at the other side before we started cycling, but Google Maps told us that we were definitely going the wrong way hahah. During the detour we stopped by the beach to take some photos and I was actually doing a vlog. I did a whole day worth of vlog today but I actually forgot to film DINNER, man. But I'm still contemplating whether to upload it because the videos are all so shaky and I look too horrendous hahah. 

We cycled from ECP all the way to Marina Barrage, and that certainly took longer than what I expected. Today the weather has been nothing but SHITTY, it just kept raining on and off and on and off. So during the entire journey we had to scramble for shelters and wait for the rain to pass. We stopped by two shelters and waited for more than half an hour before we continued. So when we finally reached Marina Barrage, we were nothing but just sweaty, tired and gross. Even the view at Marina couldn't make the cut because the sky was so gloomy, and that made the trip not-so-worth-it hahah.

Today was certainly not a good day to cycle, and in all honesty the weather just ruined my expectations and everything I wanted. At the second shelter I just felt so sticky and gross all over, and I wanted to do nothing but just to SHOWER and chill in bed. The sand from the beach earlier on got my body sandy all over, the humid weather made me really sweaty and the worst part was that while all of that happened, we were still under the rain and waiting for it to pass so that we could make our way to Marina. I was so ready to say "Let's u-turn and not do this anymore", but because I've always disliked how I tend to throw in the towel so easily each time I'm faced with difficulties, I felt more compelled to finish the journey. (The irony, hahah) So I didn't utter a single word, and instead of saying what my heart wanted, I said "let's continue" and peddled first. 
Even though it may not have been the best cycling experience, but you know what? I'm still happy I did it anyway. It was a true test of patience, and I'm glad to say that I DID IT. The weather was so bad today but instead of blaming on it, I was still thankful despite everything because I chose to believe that it happened for a reason. Maybe it saved us from an accident that could have happened if we continued to peddle during the time we waited for the rain to pass, or maybe there were some people we weren't meant to bump into at that time. Not to mention that the roads also became easier to cycle on after the rain. There are just so many little things to be thankful for everyday.

/Let us all take a moment to appreciate my photography, heh just kidding/ I can't be more thankful for my brother especially for today, for his company and his PATIENCE. He guided and brought me all the way to Marina Barrage, didn't utter a single word of complain, patiently followed Google Maps, initiated to take photos and film for me and reached his hand out for me literally the whole day today. 

Today was practically a whole day spent with my family, so for dinner we ate at Thai Express and I got myself this plate of basil tofu stir-fry with rice and another plate of glass noodles, hee. I was starving by the time we stopped cycling, and dinner really stuffed me up. I also had mango glutinous rice for dessert and it was just BRAVO. The rice tasted so sweet and it was just so tasty. 

We did a quick grocery shopping fix after dinner and stocked up lots of fruits and essentials, and after getting home I got showered and now I'm blogging and sipping on tea. I've been so flippin' exhausted the whole day today, and I think it's finally time for me to REST. Nights.

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