DAY FIVE #346daysofgratitude


There's just something incredibly beautiful about the moon, the kind of beauty I can't quite put my finger on. I am always at a loss for words whenever I try to describe what I feel, but it's just incomprehensible. The sheer incredulous beauty of the night seem to always assent the moon to shine out a little more in the vast expanse of everything. Looking at how round the moon is, I can't help but feel like my life is whole and replete in everything. I feel so comforted, and overwhelmed with so much gratitude.

The morning started slow, and for the first time this week I didn't wake up feeling like a zombie. Instead, I felt so rejuvenated and ready to kickstart the day. But the rainy weather was conjuring me to fall back to my bed. This time round not for a slumber, but a snuggling session with a good book. 

Of course, not long later I had breakfast. And there you go, FLUFFY RED BEAN PILLOWS again. JK, they are just steamed buns but I can never have enough of them. I literally did nothing until lunchtime, in fact I forgot what I was doing. Two hours later I whipped up lunch, and had a bowl of soupy dumpling noodles. So simple and easy to make (it took me less than fifteen minutes) yet so warm and hearty. I spent the whole afternoon waiting for a text because I was meeting a friend to pass her something, and so I went out, got some snacks for my family and walked back home. I spent the evening talking to my lovely six grandaunt who came over during the weekends just so she could spend time with me for the last time before I leave for Aus, had dinner and played a round of Mahjong with the fam. I (especially) love spending weekends with my grandparents and six grandaunt because honestly, family time is the greatest blessing. We laughed over so many things during the game and I just can't help but love them so much. I also made some cards for my friends in between the game because some relatives came over for a short while. Now I've a mask on (Today's choice is Vanilla) and I'm blogging. And I'm looking forward to tomorrow already because it's going to be another family day. Now I'm heading to bed with a thankful heart.

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