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Came here for dinner on the last day of 2015 with my fam! Sufood is an italian inspired vegetarian cuisine under a Taiwan F&B operator. 

Address: Raffles City #02-19, 252 North Bridge Road 
Singapore 179103
Telephone: 6333 5338 
Opening hours: Lunch: 1130am-430pm (Last order 3pm) | Dinner: 530pm-1030pm (Last order 9pm)
Nearest mrt: City Hall

For starters, I had the Misto Mushroom Soup ($6.00). This was really flavourful and rich! The different types of mushrooms were really good as well.

Rating: 8.5/10

I ordered the White Ferula Pesto Pasta ($14.00) because I love pesto pastas and I heard really good reviews about it. Sure enough, this was good and it tasted very fresh. Overall I loved the dish and I think this would be perfect for pesto pasta lovers, but still I prefer Loving Hut's pesto pasta personally because I don't really like the taste of basil leaves. Loving Hut's pesto pasta has a subtle hint of pesto in it so I love it. The white ferula mushrooms were fresh.

Rating: 7/10

I also had this Wild Mushroom Charcoal Tagliatelle ($14.00) and I loved it as well! It was my first time eating Tagliatelle and I really enjoyed the taste of it because it was thicker than normal pastas and it has a chewy texture to it. The king oyster mushrooms tasted fresh but they were so hard to chew haha. 

Ratings: 8/10

Bro ordered this Lucky Clover Pizza ($15.00) - a lucky 6 leaf clover-shaped pizza with Lion Mane mushrooms, broccoli, pepper and scallions. I didn't get to try this because it wasn't vegan but bro enjoyed it and said it was very tasty. (The whole time I was looking at the pizza and going "NOOOOO" hahahaha)

Rating: 8/10 (Given by him)

He also ordered this Mango Frollino ($4.80) for dessert, but I didn't get to try again because it wasn't vegan haha. But he said it was a bit too sweet.

Rating: 6.8/10 (His)

I had the Red Bean Dessert with Yam Cubes ($4.80), which was the only vegan dessert available on the menu. The sweetness of the red bean dessert was just right, not bland and not too sweet either. The yam cubes were pretty tasteless though haha. 

Rating: 6/10

To conclude, I really liked the ambience over at Sufood! And also their bright white lighting and white tables hahahaha (It's so much easier to take nice food photos y'know) We paid $68 in total which was pretty pricey, but looking at the price of each item now, they seem reasonable. I think others should try their 8-course set meal when they visit Sufood - you get to try a lot of items from the menu and I think it's pretty worth it (even though I didn't try haha) 

Go for it if you want 'atas' (high class) vegetarian food!

The food I had at Sufood would also be featured in one upcoming Youtube video on my channel. Do subscribe so you'd be notified when I upload it! Here's my channel:

With love, Cheryl

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