DAY TWO #346daysofgratitude


What a BREADY morning today - Had two of this AMAZING red bean buns and three thick slices of black bean bread from Duke. Such a carby and bready breakfast but WHY NOT. Breads are becoming my new favourite afternoon snack somehow, not only because they are hella delicious but also because they can fill me up more than any other snacks, so YAY.

So it seems like my body has been craving for warm food in the mornings nowadays and I totally love it, because even though that means I wouldn't get my fibre intake in the mornings (because if I have smoothies or nice cream at least they are made up of fruits), hot foods really do warm my system inside. It's just a indescribable, comforting feeling.

Out of nowhere I suddenly recalled I had filmed some videos with my Gopro when I was in Cambodia, and because I realised it was enough to make it into a full length video I compiled all the videos I had, edited and uploaded it on my channel. And well, if the video isn't working, here's the link.

Also had a cold refreshing bowl of nana ice cream for pre-workout fuel, because I was getting bored at home and spontaneously decided to hit the gym today before going out! Use the remaining frozen bananas I had in the freezer and blended it with some frozen mangoes. For the pink side it was a totally weird combination - jackfruits, mangoes, raspberries and acai. Weird I know, but it was still tasty.

Also, I think it's finally time to start working on my 2016 resolutions to be fitter. Because it has been a LONG time since I actually exercised consistently - since August last year in fact. Fitness is definitely crucial for one's health, and there's no way I am going to spend an entire year being sedentary. So I'm getting back on track with exercising! Oh yes and when I mean exercising, I mean just sitting on my ass on a stationary bike and ride a reasonable amount of distance. At least I wouldn't be 100% sedentary, heheh. I'm possibly the laziest person on Earth, especially when it comes to fitness. So this year I really hope I'd start loving exercising for good because I've always been so inconsistent with it. Managed to do 15kms on the stationary bike today so well, that's a workout done!

 After getting changed, I headed off to Cedele to meet an ex-schoolmate, Stacy, to catch up on life, and of course to meet up for the last time before I leave Singapore. I was literally starving when I reached, and worst still, the service was horrible and we had to wait a whole twenty minutes before we could place our orders. But salad was still YUMMY of course, even though it barely filled half of my stomach. And being hungry hippos we were still hungry after our meals of course, and so we decided to buy some TANGYUANS for dessert.

We ordered a bowl each and camped at one corner just hobo-ing, talking and eating. Tangyuans really complete my life, they are just SO YUMMY. (#TANGYUANSobsession) I literally screamed in joy when Stacy first asked if we could have tangyuans after dinner because she wanted to have some. Like, omg I didn't even know there was Mr Bean there?! And I screamed partially because it was my FIRST time hearing someone else (other than myself) asking for tangyuans. At that moment I swear I thought we were sworn partners or something. So we spent about another hour just talking about life in general, and during our h2h talk I realised how long it has been since I had one. I'm just the type of person who seriously loves heartfelt and genuine conversations. LOVE.

This was the present she gave me! A letter, a jar of folded stars and notes and some school necessities. I really love practical gifts because I mean, they are just so PRACTICAL, and I'd definitely use them.

She made me this because I'm going to Aus alone and whenever I feel lonely or sad, I can open up one small note and read her encouraging words. This is honestly such a beautiful present and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. She's just so thoughtful, and I'm just so thankful for the gift, for today and of course for her in general. I'm definitely going to bring this to Aus! 

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