DAY FOUR #346daysofgratitude


So I've decided to name this #346daysofgratitude for now, after some contemplation. It's 346 days because I started this on 19th January, so that makes it only 346 days left this year.

These days I've been waking up with triple eyelids, and somehow I feel more tired after I sleep, hahah. Last night I had such a bad sleep because I couldn't stop tossing and turning in bed, and by the time I got up to switch the fan off (because it was freezing my ass off) before I slept for real, I realised it was already 5AM. Goodness, I was like WHAT. Can't believe I actually spent 3 hours tossing and turning and NOT SLEEPING. Yawns. So today I woke up like a zombie, and even though I was reluctant to wake up THAT early, I had to because I was meeting a friend for lunch. So I made myself a quick refreshing fruit platter for late breakfast, before getting changed and heading out.

I had veganburg for lunch with YZ, and it was my first time meeting him after EIGHT MONTHS. That's close to a year, unbelievable. We have been friends for almost close to seven years now and I'm thankful we're still keeping close contact up till today, because maintaining friendships with primary school friends can be really hard. I'm sure it's going to be another year later when we meet again, but I certainly do hope we can still meet when I come back in June during my term break. I treated him to Boost after and we just sat at a free-seating area and talked loads. I still can't get over how lame he is though, it just cracks me up every time. 

I dropped him off at his place before I met Nicole to retrieve my cards back (A week ago I left my bus card and condo access card with her when I passed her a gift, what a muddlehead I was hahah) and she handed me this packet of chocolate chip cookies! They are AMAZING. They taste exactly like the non-vegan chocolate chip cookies I used to make last time, so crunchy and oh-so-perfect. I honestly can't believe this is vegan! Try it guys, you will LOVE IT. 

The second part of the day didn't go too well, because I started having a really bad headache (I believe it's due to my improper/lack of sleep last night) so I fell asleep on my bed since I felt drowsy. I woke up feeling worse, and my headache was so bad it almost killed me. I took panadols and then I fell asleep again, yup I woke up twice and slept twice all in three hours hahah. Eating those panadols really reminds me of my school days last year. I had headaches EVERY DAY so I had to eat panadols every single day. That experience taught me how important it is to de-stress when necessary. (Health is WEALTH guys.) Now, I'm watching the TV as I type this, and I just ended a short conversation on whatsapp with one of my beautiful friends, and also nibbling on some really sweet SOUR PLUMS. My headache's more or less gone already, but I can't help but feel that I'm falling sick really soon. Tonight's going to be a restful night I hope. Thank god it's finally friday, and I'm so happy to see my grandparents over at my house today. Happy weekends everyone!

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