DAY THIRTEEN #346daysofgratitude


I woke up CAUTIOUSLY today, hahah. I felt like I've lost a few litres of blood over night, so I woke up a little earlier than usual today. But after my toilet business I went back to bed again because I still felt so tired...and after half an hour later I finally convinced myself to get up. Only because I was HUNGRY hahah. So after making meself another oatmeal bowl, I caught up on the latest episode of Madame Antoine. Sundays are usually my rest days and my laziest days, because I'd do practically nothing except lying in bed all day hahah. That said, it was just another typical Sunday today, and after watching that episode I went to the pool to TAN. Today the pool was surprisingly empty, but that's good news for me hee. So I tanned for slightly less than an hour and returned home after it started getting cloudy. After getting home I had a huge piping hot bowl of porridge, and it was so simple yet hearty and filling. Thereafter I rested, showered, wrote letters and caught up with some Youtube videos. Two hours later I got hungry again so I had some matcha granola bars and red bean mochis that Poh gave me, a few ginger nut cookies from Nicole, a handful of medjool dates and a cup of milk, all for tea break at 4:30pm. Another two hours later it was time for dinner so I was eating AGAIN. I had steamed dumplings with vinegar, spinach with beancurd skin and lots of RICE. My brother used to be the only 'rice bucket' in the family but it seems like I've taken over his spot unknowingly, hahah. After dinner I texted my favourite cousin and she said she's coming to my house sometime this week for a stayover all the way until the end of next week, just so she could spend more time with me before I leave. What a sweetheart she is. But I'M SO EXCITED. And while we were texting my brother and I were arguing about the missing case of bananas at home, because two nights ago we bought a bunch of bananas but we ran out of it today. So my brother asked why the bananas ran out so fast and I actually have one inside my bag, HAHAH. I actually took it down to the pool with me while I was tanning and I was intending to eat it for my snack, but because I forgot about it it's still alive. Don't tell my brother I still have one in my bag though, pssst. 
My cramps have been killing me the whole day today, and I think it's going to stay until I sleep tonight. Wish me luck guys. It's about 7:30pm now, and I'm just about to nibble on my favourite sour plums and just CHILL the rest of tonight. 

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