Drama reviews!


Compiling some of the dramas I've watched over the holidays:

1. Love me, if you dare (Chinese, 2015)

Really LOVE this so much!! Loved the plot because it was really intense and mysterious. LOVE suspense dramas even though they can make me feel scared sometimes but I love the thrill. And yes, this is my FIRST Chinese drama! Really impressive hehe I was so hooked onto it when it was still showing. The best part is that, both the lead actor and the actress are so good-looking. Win. I rate this as the best drama I've watched in 2015!

Rating: 9.7/10

2. Blood (Korean, 2015) 

My first vampire drama! Before this I wouldn't watch any vampire shows because I dislike sci-fi or fantasy genres (bc it's so unrealistic) but I decided to watch this because it had a good overall rating! Then later on I discovered that this wasn't really a vampire drama because the 'vampires' only exist because they are infected by a virus. So basically they are just infected humans. Really enjoyed watching this and I think this is worth the watch :) Cried so much while watching the last episode because it was so sad, haha.

Rating: 9.5/10

3. Oh My Venus (Korean, 2015)

One word: DISAPPOINTING. Expected so much out of this drama because I've watched both lead actors in other dramas before, and I absolutely loved So Ji Sub's acting in The Master's sun! It was one of the best dramas I've watched. Oh my venus is SO boring, oh god. I watched episode 12 halfway and I gave up. It wasn't worth watching anymore because I didn't enjoy it haha. I skipped so many parts haha.

Rating: 4/10

4. Yong Pal (Korean, 2015)

Watched this drama over a month before I did this review, so honestly I can't remember much. But I guess the storyline was somewhat mainstream (you know, those typical Korean romance dramas - the two people meet, fall in love together and then happy ending). 

Rating: 6/10

5. The Fixer (Hong Kong, 2015)

Haven't watched a good hong kong drama in ages (My favourite ones are still Forensic Heroes and On call 36 hours) and even though this drama seemed alluring at first sight, it was honestly disappointing. What I really didn't like was how the whole plot was almost all about the male lead's mum who had Alzheimer's. That was totally boring hahah and I skipped many parts of it. 

Rating: 3.5/10 

Personal favourites and dramas I highly recommend (starting from the best)

  1. It's okay, it's love (Korean)
  2. Love me, if you dare (Chinese)
  3. The Master's sun (Korean)
  4. Doctor stranger (Korean)
  5. Good Doctor (Korean)
  6. Kill me heal me (Korean)
  7. Oh my ghost (Korean)
  8. Blood (Korean)
  9. 49 days (Korean)
  10. Liar Game (Korean)
  11. Drunken to love you (Taiwan)
  12. Secret Garden (Korean)
  13. On call 36 hours (Hong Kong) 
  14. Forensic heroes (Hong Kong)

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