DAY SEVEN #346daysofgratitude


/ Pardon me for my grammar in this post, because I'm feeling a lil fuzzy after eating panadols hahah /

These days the weather has been INSANE, with the rain pouring and hitting this second and the Sun blazing the next. This morning I went down to the pool to tan, and man it was CRAZY. During my first five minutes of tanning the Sun was scorching hot, but after those five minutes were up the dark clouds started taking over and the sky became gloomy in just a few seconds (the other residents staying at my condo must have thought I was crazy tanning under nothing, hahah). This lasted for another ten minutes, and I was mentally getting prepared to pack up and leave before it started raining, but shortly after I saw a bunch of white clouds moving towards the Sun and pushing the dark clouds away. So I stayed and I watched as the dark clouds disappeared to allow the Sun to reappear. It was the perfect analogy for "In time, this too shall pass" — aka one of my favourite quotes I live by hahah. But who knew, three minutes later it started DRIZZLING. (Believe it or not, but as I was typing this just now, the sky was literally changing from a sunny weather to a gloomy one in few minutes.) CRAY. But I stayed on despite the furious drizzle because I knew it was going to pass soon. Even though it was sad seeing the dark clouds taking over, it was so fascinating watching the clouds hovering above and making their way across the endless sky.

Just when I was about to pack up and leave, it started raining furiously despite the sweltering heat. (That coincidence hah) I swear, life works in such interesting ways. So I quickly got up from my spot and ran towards the lobby.

So after two hours of tanning, I got home, chilled, and had cereal. It was a little late for a heavy lunch at 3pm so I got two bowls of Nutrigrain and Coco shells. I swear coco shells are the BOMB, they taste so much like my childhood Koko Krunch cereal. Then I wrote a farewell letter to a friend who's leaving for Melbourne tonight, and chilled awhile longer. My forehead felt slightly burned (because it was stinging a little) and oh how I LOVE IT. Tomorrow I'm actually heading down to a salon for a spray tanning session, and EEKS I CAN'T WAIT. It's going to be my first time trying artificial tanning, and I'm so glad I found a salon near my house that provides organic spray tan! It's honestly SO hard to find other Singaporeans who love tanning like me, and I honestly wonder why there isn't anyone who loves the Sun as much as I do. I LOVE THE SUN. I love how I love both the Sun and the moon, well because it's fair. Both are equally beautiful in their own ways.

I went to the airport in the evening to send Xi Min off, and coincidentally I am also leaving for Melbourne in exactly two weeks' time, so I guess I'll still see her pretty soon. I also talked to one of her friends who came to send her off and I thought she was a pretty nice girl. It was lovely to see two of my friends who were my classmates for four long years back in secondary school, and man I haven't seen them since Grad' Lunch two years ago. Somehow, I always feel like it's home whenever I see KC girls, and I honestly don't know why but it's such a comfortable feeling. When I was making my way to the airport, I also texted one of my good friends and then I realised I've met so many close friends in KC. All of them are unbelievably genuine and beautiful in every aspect, and I honestly feel so undeserving for having them as friends. plan failed. I told most of my friends (who asked) that I was leaving Singapore on the 10th of February, and I even checked the flight time on 10th so that my lie wouldn't be exposed hahah. But because I told Xi Min that my flight was booked on the 8th, Qi Yi heard so I couldn't lie any further hahah. I just didn't want to bother anyone and I didn't want anyone to come down all the way to the airport JUST to send me off. So my plan failed in the end.......sigh. 
On my way back home from the airport, I heard a familiar voice on the bus so I started scanning around and guess who I saw. My brother and my mum were both on the same bus as me. Talk about COINCIDENCE hahah. We three walked back home together, watched the TV with Lia and my sister, and now I'm about to zonk out (while sniffing). My flu is killing me, and my nose literally feels like it's a running tap. Oh wells. Tomorrow I'm going to wake up all fine. It feels like I've had a long day today because I am sick.  GOODNIGHT EVERYONE. 

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